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Feature Writings:

Baguio Tour 2008

Two months have passed yet the memories of our last tour are still fresh in our minds. Looking at my photos triggers back the momentous days we’ve had which makes me blurt “nakakamiss yung place…”

A week before the tour, everyone is really so excited! After our final exam, I’m already wondering what will happen when we get in Baguio. Time passes abruptly and the day we’ve all been waiting for just came around the corner. The night before that day, I hardly slept! Perhaps I’m just so excited and there a lot of things crossing my mind that time. I’m even worried because I’m not sure of I’ll wake up early. And so, morning came. I woke up at about 4:30am. Even if I’m still drowsy (and I had a bad morning), I immediately did my things – ate my breakfast, took a bath, check my things and bid goodbye to my parents. I arrived at about 6am. I’m worried because they told me to pay immediately for me to have a slot in the bus, but because I’m late, our dean told me that I’ll have my trip with some of the fourth year boys at the van, and I even told my classmates “kawawa naman ako.. L” But luckily, one of the boys wanted to stay at the van, so I exchanged with him..

I think we started leaving at about 6:30am and we arrived at SANYO Semiconductor Manufacturing Philippines Corporation at about 8:30am. We had a little orientation and we had the tour inside. After that not-so-long tour, we’ve decided to take our lunch, but because we don’t have enough time, they told us to just buy our food and eat while we are having the trip. We arrived at Baguio (Teacher’s Camp) at about 3:30 in the afternoon. We had a picture taking, then we ate our lunch (pero its miryenda time na.. hehe) then picture taking ulit! hehe.. After that, we went to the hotel (Sky Rise Hotel). Unluckily, I had a problem and I wasn’t able to join everyone while they are having fun. I even cried because of that problem and I wasn’t able to have my dinner with them, but fortunately, there’s this very concerned person who brought me food (salamat sa batang yun… hehe). We slept at about 12 midnight. I woke up at 5:30am and immediately took my bath (sira yung heater kaya sobrang lamig ng tubig…) After we took our bath; we went up at Lourdes Grotto with almost 250 steps. From that elevated place, you can almost see the whole Baguio! Since I’m a nature lover, I enjoyed looking at the trees, the flowers, the different kinds of plants, the mountains and I really loved it! After that tiring walk, we took our breakfast at the hotel and went our way to ABS-CBN Baguio. It was one of the most memorable experience because we actually have to walk for hours before we get in our destination. I was so tired that I actually stopped walking at about 200 meters away from ABS-CBN tower.

Going back is really a great experience, for me, it was the best part of the tour. We saw this truck (which I think a truck carrying fertilizer), and we asked the driver if we can have a ride with them, luckily, the driver and the tenant allowed us to stay at the back of the truck. It was as thrilling as roller coaster, the truck runs so fast that it made us shout out of nervous (greedy yung driver eh.. haha). After that very thrilling ride, we waited for others for hours. It was a nice experience for me but for others, it wasn’t… We had our lunch at the Teacher’s Camp (miryenda time ulit… hehe) After that, we went to SM Baguio. We’ve decided not to go inside the mall, but after a few minutes, we got bored and decided to make ‘pasyal’. From the mall’s veranda, we saw the beautiful view of Baguio during night time. The sky is so clear that I can even see those tiny stars (di ko na kasi nakikita dito sa Pampanga yun…). After making ‘liwaliw’, we went back to the Teacher’s Camp to have our dinner. After the dinner, we went back to the hotel. I went straight to our room because I still feel not-so-well and I’m very tired. Until I fell asleep. I woke up the same time, this is the last day of our tour.


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