a reason to smile ..

i slept last night with a smile on my face.. bakit?! kasi nakita ko yung moon na nakasmile din sakin..

i woke up this morning with a smile on my face.. bakit?! kasi i remembered him.. i remembered the good times we’ve had.. those happy and ‘funny’ moments.. those rocky roads we’ve taken.. and all those things that made us strong.. but the smile just went byebye when i remembered that those are just memories.. they are just things from the past that should be remembered.. yah, tama ‘that should be remembered’ kasi i know, time will come that i’ll give him thanks for those memories.. happy memories man o sad.. because those memories once made me smile, laugh, mad, cry .. and that actually made me stronger and a much better person.. masakit man alalahanin sa ngayon pero alam kong dadating yung time na tatawanan ko na lang toh..

now,im into moving on .. thinking na magiging ok ang lahat kapag inumpisahan ko.. well, not so good.. it’s as if nothing has changed pero i know i can do it! ngayon, matutulog nanaman ako.. nakangiti pa rin kaya yung moon?! bukas kaya pag-gising ko makakangiti pa rin kaya ako pag naalala ko yung moon, at pag naalala ko siya?! hmmmm let’s see .. good night buddies!

give me a reason to smile

.: ♥ ghie ♥ :.


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